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Fishing Report – Wednesday 30th November 2016

photo-1-jackson-landon-with-threadfin-salmonThere’s been some good summer whiting caught along the town beaches and off the Urangan Pier over the last week. The bigger tides around the full moon and new moon generally see the larger specimens move in on these spots. Live yabbies and bloodworms have been the go to baits.

Mud crabs have started to move in the local rivers and creeks, with some nice sand crabs also being caught at the top of the Straits. Just remember to correctly label your pots and floats before heading out.

There’s been plenty of pelagics around over the last week with a mixture of mackerel and tuna on offer. Between Gatakers Bay and the fairway buoy there’s been patches of school mackerel on the shallow reefs along with bonito and mac tuna schools feeding on the surface. From Arch Cliffs to Rooneys there’s been plenty of spotted mackerel, bonito and mac tuna feeding on small photo-2-mark-bryant-with-trevallybait so make sure you match your lures accordingly.

Lenthalls dam is still producing plenty of smaller barra and some nice bass. Surface lures have been working well early morning and late afternoon with shallow diving hardbodies doing the damage throughout the day.

Lake Monduran has also continued to fish well due to the stable weather patterns. Over the last week there’s been some nice fish over the magic metre mark landed and plenty of smaller fish. Suspending hardbody lures and soft plastics have been working well, just make sure you don’t go to light on your braid or leader as it can be all over in a matter of seconds around the timber.

Lake Monduran Fishing Report – November/December




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