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Fishing Report – Wednesday 4th May 2016

Conditions were excellent for fiPhoto 1 - Brett Methven with snappersho’s to head out wide in search of a feed of reefies. The Southern Gutters fished exceptionally well for coral trout with some nice fish up to 7kg reported, there was even the odd legal red emperor as well as the usual mixed bag. It did seem though you had to be there on the right day as some days the fishing was red hot and the next the bite would shut down. Sharks are still bad out that way and if they’re not hassling you it’s the Spanish mackerel, trevally or cobia which are around in plague proportions.

The inshore and local reefs continue to fish well with some good quality coral trout and cod being caught on both live baits and lures. Sweetlip and scarlets have been around in good numbers along with some nice squire and snapper starting to show up. Soft plastics and micro jigs are a great option for targeting snapper and you can cover a lot of the water column with them.

Photo 2 - Matt O'brien with golden trevallyThere’s also been a fair bit of bait around spots like the arti and throughout the top of the Straits. There’s been plenty of queenfish and small GT’s around the bay islands and will take a soft plastic, stickbait or surface popper. As long as the bait’s there, you’ll find schools of tuna from the tip of  Big Woody to around Kingfisher Bay. Tuna are still being caught up around Wathumba and Rooneys, will some nice golden trevally also sitting under the schools. If you’re fishing a soft plastic or slug and you’re not getting hits on the top, let it sink down through the school and you never know what you might hook up to!

Prawns are still on the run in the local rivers and creeks and throughout the straits. Prawning can be a bit hit and miss at times, some days you’ll work hard for a few kilos and others you’ll get you’re ten litre limit. There’s also still plenty of muddies being caught particularly in the Burrum, now’s the time to chase them before water temps drop.

The winter whiting have been on the chew off Gatakers Bay, with some anglers reaching their possession limit of 50 fish per angler. Remember this is a possession limit so it includes what you’ve already got at home in the freezer and not just what you catch on the day. The best baits have been live yabbies and strips of squid.

Lake Monduran Fishing Report – May




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